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How to Write Mom’s Story: Intergenerational Storytelling

Episode 2: Intergenerational Storytelling… #LegacyAfterDark

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Show Notes

Topic: Intergenerational Storytelling Link: https://www.thelegacyrecorder.com/telltheirstory

Question of the day: Who in your life can you work with right now to have a storytelling conversation?

Ok, what the heck do I mean by that & what does it look like…

  • Ask them a question about their life (a specific memory, something they brought home from a trip etc.)
  • Take the time to ask how that moment made them feel
  • Did that moment/thing/person change how they viewed the world or their life?

You can learn more about how to tell their story here. This article covers how to work with someone who is experiencing memory loss. Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy writing!
-Gael, The Legacy Lady

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