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What is your favorite Sleepover Memory?

These are the prompts for writing your story about your travel memories.

Q1. Have you ever had or been to a #sleepover? #legacychat
Q2. Do you have a favorite #memory from a #sleepover? #legacychat
Q3. Where were you? #sleepover #legacychat
Q4. When did this memory happen? #sleepover #legacychat
Q5. Who was with you for the #sleepover? #legacychat
Q6. Why is it your favorite #sleepover #memory? #legacychat
Q7. How did this memory make you feel? How do you #feel now about it? #sleepover #legacychat
Q8. What do you want people to remember about it? #sleepover #legacychat

Feel free to leave your answers to the questions in the comments or keep them to yourself 🙂

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A Note from the Legacy Lady

Some of the best sleepovers I've had, happened outside 🙂 I love camping, backpacking and basically sleeping outside as much as I can. As a result, I've been able to “sleepover” in some really epic places. Getting to sleepover at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon definitely stands out at one of the good ones. The North Rim is completely different from the South Rim. There isn't nearly as much touristy things and the rigid sleeping arrangements you find on the South Rim just don't exist on the North Rim. It's like the wild wild west out there without any fences.

Another great sleepover was when all of my extended family went backpacking together in Arizona. I can't recall where we were exactly. I will have to check with another source aka Mom for the details. All of the great memories to this point include family and friends. Looking forward to creating more epic sleepover memories!

Don't forget to share yours!

Happy Writing,
Gael, The Legacy Lady


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