How to write your own love story

How to Write Your Own Love Story & Start a Storytelling Conversation

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or it’s complicated this month is a special time to celebrate love. There is no denying that love stories are some of the most heartwarming and comforting tales of all. The great thing about these stories is that they come in many different forms. From classic romantic comedies to touching family sagas, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for ways write your own love story and to bring more love into your life this February—whether for yourself or those around you—here are some ideas for dating, love, and storytelling.

Write your own love story and Share it

At its core, a love story can be any personal narrative that celebrates relationships between two individuals or within a family unit. If you have stories of how your own relationships have evolved over the years, why not share them? You don’t need to go into too much detail—just enough to capture the meaningful moments that define what makes the relationship special to you. Many times we forget how far we’ve come with our loved ones and sharing these stories can be a reminder of how far one can go when they commit themselves to their relationships.

Read (or watch) romantic comedies together

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a romantic comedy? Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh while watching two people fall madly in love? Whether it’s watching an old classic from your youth or streaming something new on Netflix, there is no shortage of cinematic romance out there! Even better, why not make it an event by inviting friends over for a movie night? Who knows–you might even find yourself inspired by the film you choose! You can use the story line to help you write your own love story. Think about how your own love story started, how it progressed, and where you are now.

Incorporate more storytelling into daily activities

We can weave more stories into our lives simply by taking time each day to listen and appreciate those around us. We don't always have to tell big sweeping narratives; even small talk can lead us down an interesting path if we let it! Questions like “What was the best part of your day?” can open up conversations between caregivers and residents that help foster stronger bonds among everyone involved. These moments are invaluable as they allow us (and those we care for) to truly connect with one another on an emotional level and build meaningful relationships based on trust and understanding. Helping someone else write down their love story can help you to write your own love story.

Sharing the Love

Regardless of whether you are single or coupled up this Valentine's Day season, now is a great time to think about what being in love means for both yourself and others around you. It could be as simple as reflecting on old memories fondly or as grandiose as inviting friends over for dinner and movie night – either way it may just provide another opportunity for connection within your community! 💕 So spread some cheer this February by embracing dating, love ❤️ , and storytelling – who knows where it may take you!

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Things to read, listen to, or watch when you write your own love story

A Resource to Check Out –

What is a Legacy Project 

A Legacy Project is an activity where we write memories and share experiences about a specific person or event. The cool thing is that a Legacy  Project can take on a variety of physical forms. Some people create books, others write poems or record videos,  and still, others create art. 

And they can be used in both long-term care and residential facilities, or with families and other loved ones. 

You can have this in your back pocket for residents knowing you won’t have to do a lot of prep work or have expensive materials.

We’ve found that a Legacy Project can improve the quality of life for residents and staff as well as the work environment and culture of the entire facility. It changes the conversations between staff and residents and between the residents themselves. A win-win!

Storytelling Activity I’m Loving

With love on the mind, I’ve been enjoying hearing people’s “meet cute” moments. 

If you don’t know, a meet cute is a movie or writing term that refers to the first time two of the characters, who will end up in a romantic relationship, meet. It’s basically how they meet. 

In a time when most of us meet on the Internet, it can be fun to reminisce about how others used to meet, try these prompts to tease out the best meet cutes your storytellers know: 

  • How did you meet your first boyfriend/girlfriend? (Or spouse)
  • What were you doing? 
  • How did you feel? Was it “love at first sight”?
  • What’s the best “how we met” story you’ve ever heard? 
  • What’s your favorite movie romance?