Organizing and Telling Stories One Video at a Time with Quilted Organizing and Telling Powerful Stories 1 Video at a Time with Quilted

Life is full of stories. From the first day, you wake up and get out of bed to when you finally go to sleep at night, there are always moments that will make for a great story. And if you're reading this blog post, then your goal in life might be to tell those stories well! That's why we want to introduce Quilted – an interactive way for people to tell their own story through video and share it with friends and family.

It's designed specifically for families looking to preserve memories or help someone else do so in a creative way; think about how much easier it would be for grandma (or anyone!) who has trouble putting words together all the time. 

What is Quilted?

Quilted inspires and organizes groups of loved ones to tell their favorite stories through curated short videos and compiles these videos into one movie to be gifted for any special occasion.

All Quilted packages include invites to participants in the Quilted project and reminders sent via email or text message. All videos and the final compiled movie are stored for at least 90 days following the Quilted project due date. The purchaser of the gift has project management access and the ability to download the final Quilted movie. Each Quilted package varies. For a full overview of each package and what they entail, please visit

The Quilted Mission

Quilted is on a mission to create special video gifts that inspire people to share wishes and stories for a variety of occasions. Quilted facilitates collaboration and strives to capture beautiful moments over video. We believe people can share powerful memories no matter the distance.

Telling Stories Together with Video

Quilted is a great resource for anyone who wants to tell their story or help someone else do so in an interactive way. From grandparents looking to preserve memories, parents sharing family stories with kids on the other side of town (or country!), Quilted creates special video gifts that are perfect for any occasion – birthday parties and graduations included.

Using Quilted in a Legacy Project

Quilted is a great fit for legacy projects because it helps users tell their stories with video. Storytelling through the generations can be really hard, but by using Quilted's technology and features – people are able to share more easily than ever before! Since we know how difficult storytelling across distances may be, using a platform like Quilted can make it easier for you and your storytellers.

With Quilted you can invite people to share their story about someone they love or send out a series of questions to be answered by one or two people. The platform handles the project management and a cost-accessible video download at the end. It is a wonderful way to capture a loved one's legacy and share it with family and friends. You can get an exclusive discount by using the code legacy10 at checkout when you are ready to download your video.

Packages Currently Available

How does Quilted work?

Choose a Package: Select a Quilted package with pre-written prompts related to the special occasion and customize the details to bring memories to life!

Invite Contributors: Easily spread the word to all the special people in the recipient’s life via automatic text messages or email invites and reminders.

Submit responses: Share memories and stories via video responses. 

Request Final Video and let us work our magic: After all the responses have been submitted, request your final movie to receive your Quilted movie to gift.

Why this matters right now

The last thing anyone wants to do is stress about what gifts they should give on any occasion. Gifts cost time and money, so why not make the gift easy by giving a Quilted movie? It's an interactive way of telling your story that will be cherished for years! Remember to use the Coupon Code legacy10 to get an exclusive discount. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want more information.