Death Deck Video Series: An Invitation to Talk About End-of-Life

The Death Deck Video Series: An Invitation to Talk About End-of-Life

It’s a hard fact to face, but every one of us is going to die. Yet, despite the inevitability of death, we often avoid talking openly and honestly about end-of-life issues. That’s where the Death Deck can help. This video series utilizes the Death Deck to spark conversations online and hopefully inspire viewers to grab…

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5 Ways to Use Photos to Remember Someone Who Died

use photos to remember someone who died

Our need to document our human experience goes back to the beginning of time. We’ve been creating pictures to share our stories far longer than we have been sharing our stories with words. This drive to document and leave a legacy means that we have centuries of history to discover and explore. We no longer…

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How to embrace joy in your End of Life Celebration

legacy lady live with Christina Andreola on end of life

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Christina Andreola of New Narrative Memorials. Christina is an event planner for memorials, celebrations of Life, funerals and any other event that commemorates an end-of-life event. She is driven and passionate about creating experiences for families and loved ones of those who have passed away. She works…

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