3 Family Traditions and How to Write About Them

Gael Gilliland and her dad singing

Ah, family traditions. Those activities we do with the people we love, over and over again. Even when we tire of the activity and desperately want to do something else. This post isn’t about one of those kinds of traditions. For the next few moments, I’m going to regale you with one of my favorite…

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Songs we love – All about music

favorite songs

There is so much music that fills our lives. Songs are intertwined throughout our journeys and can be a great place to start a conversation.  Music stays with us, and when we are looking to make meaningful connections, it can be the perfect place to start. Today, we are going to be talking about songs we love.…

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How to Write About Music – 5 Minute Storytelling

How to Write About Music Memories - Five Minute Storytelling

Five-minute storytelling starts with music. A compassionate Memory Care activity for seniors by the Legacy Recorder. I believe music is one of those things that can bring people together and spark a conversation that wouldn’t otherwise happen. Each person has their own unique perspective as to why certain music is great, and why certain music…

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Music Memories – LegacyChat


What are your memories of music? These are the prompts for writing your story about your music memories. Q1. What is your favorite type of #music? #legacychat Q2. Do you have a favorite #musicmemory? #legacychat Q3. Who was with you when this #memory was made? #musicmemory #music #legacychat Q4. What happened in this memory? #musicmemory…

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