How to Write About Music Memories - Five Minute Storytelling

How to Write About Music – 5 Minute Storytelling

Five-minute storytelling starts with music. A compassionate Memory Care activity for seniors by the Legacy Recorder. I believe music is one of those things that can bring people together and spark a conversation that wouldn't otherwise happen.

Each person has their own unique perspective as to why certain music is great, and why certain music is absolutely terrible. Starting a music conversation with someone you love and someone you care for, can brighten their day and change how they interact with people for the rest of the day. 

5 Minute storytelling script Music

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Concerts, symphonies, and musicals

I want to encourage you to start a storytelling conversation with the person in front of you regarding concerts, symphonies, musicals. This is a really cool conversation to have with someone. Because generally, when we're talking about music, it lights people up and it can be polarizing. Someone is either really excited about something or they're really not excited about something. 

When asking about concerts, musicals, bands, anything that they went and saw that included music ask them 

  • How they felt about it, 
  • Where they went to see it
  • Who they were with
  • When did they attend the event
  • Why was this moment important to them
  • If there's something that they'd like to see now, 

Asking this last questions can give you an insight into what they're interested in now, and if there's an opportunity to potentially help facilitate getting them to that concert, musical, or symphony. 

If they haven't been to anything, I would ask them if they want to, and if they want to discover new bands or new symphonies. From there you can find a way to facilitate that happening for them. That is the gist of the conversation for concerts. You can follow along with the regular pattern of yes, no question and then follow up with the questions above.

My Story About Music

You can check out this post to read about a memory that involves music, St. Patrick’s Day, and my Dad. Music has played a huge role in my life and my life is littered with the people who helped me foster a love for music. Sharing my stories, of concerts, shows, and other music events I have attended, with my children has been wonderful. It has helped them gain an appreciation for music. It has also opened opportunities for us to talk about things in a new way. Now when they find a song they love they share it with me and we talk about why they love it.

What Now?

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