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What are your memories of music?

These are the prompts for writing your story about your music memories.

Q1. What is your favorite type of #music? #legacychat
Q2. Do you have a favorite #musicmemory? #legacychat
Q3. Who was with you when this #memory was made? #musicmemory #music #legacychat
Q4. What happened in this memory? #musicmemory #music #legacychat
Q5. When was this memory made? #musicmemory #music #legacychat
Q6. Where was this memory made? #legacychat #music #muscimemory
Q7. Why did this memory happen? What led up to it? #music #musicmemory #legacychat
Q8. How do you feel about this #memory now? How did it #impact your life? #music #musicmemory #legacychat
Q9. What do you want people to remember about this #memory? #music #musicmemory #legacychat

Feel free to leave your answers to the questions in the comments or keep them to yourself 🙂

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Looking for a hands-on experience to really get your story going? I created this just for you.

Not ready to commit just yet, but kind of curious about writing your story? This is for you.

A Note from the Legacy Lady

So I tell more of my story below and you can check out this post to read about a memory that involves music, St. Patrick's Day, and my Dad. Music has played a huge role in my life and my life is littered with the people who helped me foster a love for music. I mention a few of them in the video below. I hope this week's topic gets you thinking and you reconnect with someone you love who impacted your life with or because of music.

Happy Writing,

Gael, The Legacy Lady

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  1. Henry Lipput on at

    My parents played Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Doris Day (and I still love all of that music). And then the Beatles took over and I took over the record player.

    • Oh those are such great #Music choices! Props to your parents and you 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your story with me!

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