How to Get Your 12 Months Activity Planning Done

Activity Planning

Planning activities in the best of times is hard. Planning activities and the midst of so much upheaval and unknowns regarding staffing is atrocious. This article will attempt to help you work through planning your activities for the next 12 months or so. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have everything figured out by the end,…

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Using the Legacy Recorder as a Volunteer

woman in a window

Volunteer Mindset For starters, let’s get into the mindset of a volunteer who is looking to help someone tell their life story or has been trying to work with people tell their life stories. They’ve been doing a little bit here or there, but they don’t really feel like they’ve done the best job that…

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Five-minute Storytelling to Reconnect Staff, Residents, and Families

When a loved one goes into a senior care facility, the number of people who support them grows. In addition to their family members, they now have the center staff and residents in their circle. And it’s important to realize that each of these individuals has something to contribute. Five-minute storytelling is a way to…

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How to Write about Family Traditions

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Episode 8: Celebrating Family Traditions   Watch on YouTube   Listen on Anchor Show Notes What are traditions? What are a few of your traditions? Why are traditions important to families & people in general? Link to the FREE Mini-Course on Working with Someone You Love to help them tell their story Happy Writing,…

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