Using Caricature to Remember a Loved One

How to Use caricature to remember a loved one

Every now and again I get smacked in the head with a really good idea. Wow that was really visual and slightly violent, but that is precisely what happened just a little under a month ago when I was sitting in a conference in Lima, OH, Social Media Week Lima 2019. I realized I could…

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5 Minute Storytelling – Wanderlust & Travel

5 minute storytelling wanderlust

This 5-minute storytelling moment takes us to faraway places and warm memories. Reminisce with your residents’ wanderlust years and go with them to their most beloved place on Earth. This practice in storytelling will enhance their day and hopefully help other memories surface. For the full 5 Minute Storytelling Set and others like it, fill…

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7 Quirky ways to stay in touch with the people we love

seagulls and homing pigeons

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this month is here already! Did last month feel the same way for you? Like it just flew right on by? If it did, I bet there are a few people you missed out on connecting with or forgot to stay in touch with. This month I encourage you…

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Sleepover Memories – LegacyChat

Favorite #SleepOver Memory Twitter

What is your favorite Sleepover Memory? These are the prompts for writing your story about your travel memories. Q1. Have you ever had or been to a #sleepover? #legacychat Q2. Do you have a favorite #memory from a #sleepover? #legacychat Q3. Where were you? #sleepover #legacychat Q4. When did this memory happen? #sleepover #legacychat Q5.…

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