Women you should know

Women You Should Know

I’m not going to give you a lecture on how women have been absent in the history books and how under-represented we are when it comes to being recognized for our achievements. But I do want to take the space on this page to highlight a few women I think you should know. I’ve taken a moment to link a few articles that have a few more women who should be on your radar.

Women you should know

  • The woman who raised you
  • The woman who raised her
  • The woman next to you
  • The woman who inspired you
  • The woman down the street (or down the hall)
  • The woman on your bus/train/commute

What I mean by “know”

Taking the time to get to know someone isn’t just learning their name or a little part of their history. Getting to know someone is delving into their hopes, dreams, and fears. It means taking the time to try to understand them as a person and allowing them the space to share themselves with you. We have the power to inspire someone else to not only tell their story but to also share it with their families. 

How to get to know her

I didn’t say this was going to be easy. Most likely it will be a hard-won battle to get to know the women in your life. They have been taught all their lives to be quiet, private, and as small as possible. This has led to a generation (or two) of women who are fading or have faded into history. It’s up to us and the people who care for these women on the day-to-day to get to know them and let them know that their story matters. It matters not just today or this week, but every day. 

Ways to start the conversation

More women you should know

What now?

If you want to take a deeper dive into helping someone you love tell their story, then the Legacy Recorder Community Guide is the way to go. You can pick it up for $15. You can get your hands on that here. If you already have a copy, thank you!

The 5 Minute Storytelling Scripts mentioned in the podcast episodes can be found here.

There is a brand new book (journal!) that can be purchased through Amazon. It is a companion to the book linked above.

52 Ways to Write Your Story in a Year

For Activities Staff and Directors

The Legacy Program & Activities Package is live. The package includes worksheets, specific instructions for sessions (agendas!), activity suggestions, and how to execute an engaging storytelling experience.

If you have questions about what’s included or want to ask about something else for your program, please use the messenger chat bubble to get in touch.

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