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A Vietnam War veteran finds healing by befriending a Vietnamese student. An eccentric woman discovers joy from her conversations about seeing her favorite professional wrestler.

Legacy Project in Long-term Care

Stories like the ones highlighted above are common things overhead and experienced in a Legacy Recorder Project. While many people associate “legacies” as being something experienced only by the individual the story is about and the person telling the story, in a Legacy Recorder Model, there is growth and meaningful experiences for every person involved in the project.

In a long-term care facility, the Legacy Project can be used as an interactive activity. It can be in addition to bingo or art as a layer on top of that, or it can be in place of those activities. Activity directors, aides, and staff can have this in their back pocket for residents to do without a whole lot of prep work or expensive materials.

In a residential situation, the Legacy Project can improve the quality of life for residents and staff as well as the work environment and culture of the entire facility. It changes the conversations between staff and resident and between the residents themselves. Suddenly, they’re talking about things so much deeper than they might have without the Legacy Project. They’re making connections, which is so important as we age.

A Legacy Project Example

One great example of how Legacy can be implemented is Dream Chasers. It’s sponsored by Don’t Stop Dreamin’, a nonprofit that is part of Quality Life Services in Western Pennsylvania. In this project model, volunteers work one-on-one with residents in care facilities owned by Quality Life Services. These are usually university students paired with seniors.

Currently, students from Slippery Rock University, PA have been working with residents at Quality Life Services for over 2 years using The Legacy Recorder to help them make lasting lifelong connections with staff, residents, and future employers. This is the model that is being referenced in the article reference below that was posted on the Slippery Rock website.

This model was my dream three years ago in my basement. I wanted to be able to train others, encourage and support them to create relationships with the elderly to help them tell their stories. Today that dream is real and inspiring others every day. Volunteers across the globe utilize The Legacy Recorder to help them enhance their service to others.

Having my dream be the tool that is used to inspire the dreams of others, is an incredible honor. To find out more about the Legacy Recorder and how it can be applied in your program or facility

Slippery Rock Article: SRU service-learning program is a dream come true for nursing home residents | Slippery Rock University

The article is a recent write-up on The Legacy Recorder and everything we're doing to help people tell their stories. Click through to the article to read about how Legacy is impacting local people, young and old.

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