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Favorite Mardi Gras Moment

What is your favorite Mardi Gras moment?

These prompts are centered around a specific topic. They follow the Legacy storytelling methodology. This series of questions allows a storyteller to answer simple questions first and then dig deeper into more complex questions and thought processes. These questions will not be suitable for all situations. When deciding what to ask and how to ask, be sure you are taking into account the abilities and needs of your storyteller.

Audio Version of Mardi Gras Moments

Use the prompts to ask about a favorite mardi gras moment that may have happen in their life…

Q1. Have you celebrated Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday?
Q2. Do you have a favorite memory from Mardi Gras?
Q3. Who was with you?
Q4. What happened in this moment?
Q5. When did this moment happen?
Q6. Where did this moment happen?
Q7. Why did this moment happen?
Q8. Why is this moment important to you?
Q9. How does this moment make you feel?
Q10. What do you want people to remember about this moment?

Remember that these prompts are a guide and a way to get started. Feel free to ask your own questions or go in a different direction to keep the conversation going.

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What now?

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The 5 Minute Storytelling Scripts mentioned in the podcast episodes can be found here.

There is a brand new book (journal!) that can be purchased through Amazon. It is a companion to the book linked above.

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