How to Save Summertime Magic with Storytelling

How to Save Summertime Magic with Storytelling

As the summer days wind down, take the time to savor every last bit of magic. For families, that might mean squeezing in one more trip to the beach or park. For seniors, it could be enjoying a final barbecue with friends. And for caregivers, it might mean finding new ways to keep your loved ones engaged and happy. Whatever you do, make sure to take advantage of these last few weeks before fall arrives!


Summertime Magic

Do you remember the magic of having the summers off as a kid? 

It’s been fun reliving these feelings with my tiny humans over the past years, but what’s even more magical is seeing them have time to spend with their loved ones. 

The school year can get so hectic, but summer reminds us to slow down and can be a great time to use our time wisely and spend it with those we love. 

We’ve been enjoying a lot of family time (and friend time like I mentioned last week!) and it’s really enriching all our lives to have this time. 

I hope these resources I provide you today can help you and those you care for find new ways to connect and share some time storytelling today.

Things to read, listen to, or watch

How to get people talking

It can be difficult to find ways to get people talking to each other, but there are some great options out there. Reading books can be a great way to start conversations. Listen to audiobooks together or have family members read aloud to each other. Watching movies and television shows can also provide opportunities for discussion. After watching a movie, ask questions about the characters, their motivations, and the events of the story. 

Talking about current events can also be a great way to get people engaged in conversation. Encourage family members and residents to share their opinions and listen to each other with respect. By finding ways to get people talking, we can build stronger relationships with the people we care about.

Storytelling Activity I’m Loving

We can forget so quickly how different someone else’s life experience may be from our own, which is why I love the following prompts. They can spark stories about differences in how we were raised, unveil intergenerational changes, and help us connect in new ways. 

  • When you were growing up, what was everyone’s favorite pastime? 
  • What foods were your family’s “go-to” foods for [breakfast, dinner, guests, birthdays, etc.]
  • Did you have any pets as a kid? 
  • What was your favorite snack growing up? 
  • What sport was popular to play when you were younger? 
  • What’s one of the funniest memories you have? 

These prompts are especially powerful if you have a diverse range of storytellers, try asking a few and I bet you’ll be surprised by the new roads of conversation that start!

What now?

Check out the Legacy Recorder Community Guide in print, you can get your hands on that here. If you already have a copy, thank you! The 5 Minute Storytelling Scripts mentioned in the podcast episodes can be found here.

All journals can be purchased through Amazon. You can find the currently available ones here. Including a companion journal to the book linked above. The journals are a great way to create a keepsake. You can also order multiple copies to have as a workbook for groups that are looking to work together to tell their stories together.

The Legacy Program & Activities Package is live. This includes worksheets, specific instructions, activity suggestions, and how to execute an engaging storytelling activity. This is a great addition to your activity planning and can make your lift a little easier when it comes to planning engaging programming for the people your care for.

If you find you need more one on one support, you can always book time on Gael's calendar here.

Happy Writing!