Keep the Conversation Going

Keep the Conversation Going

Think about your day-to-day conversations with those closest to you. What do they look like? Usually, we ask simple questions that evoke simple responses. Surface questions are important building blocks of conversation, but they can be slightly stalling when it comes to keeping the conversation going. This is where we can incorporate everyday storytelling into those moments. 

Everyday storytelling takes those surface questions and digs deeper. We can use previous conversations, build on them, and have them take a new shape. The best way we can continue to deepen relationships and maintain a connection is through more involved conversations and interactions.

How do you check in with intention and love?

The key to getting good at anything is to practice! When you hear yourself asking the usual perfunctory questions to your kids, or whomever, take the answers given and elaborate. I like to practice this when I am asking my kids about their day at school or at an event.

Instead of just asking, “how was your day,” I try to be a bit more specific and direct the conversation in a way that I get a true sense of their thoughts and feelings. When we take the time to do this, we not only find out more about those we love, but we help them to discover those same things about themselves.

Here are a few ways you can check back in with your loved ones and the people you care for

  • How was their weekend/holiday
  • Did they see anyone they haven’t seen in a while? What was that like?
  • Did they get to experience anything new or interesting? What was that like?
  • Was there anything they wish would have happened? Why? How do they feel about it not happening?
  • How did what happened, make them feel? Did it remind them of anything?

Learning through conversation

We can learn much more about those we love by incorporating Legacy Recording into our run-of-the-mill conversations. When we take the time to ask those surface questions, then follow up with more in-depth questioning, it opens up the doors for our loved one’s memories, thoughts, and feelings to shine through, rather than simple yes or no answers. Doing this as we go throughout our days helps us to check in with those around us in a way that is more caring and intentional. 

What now?

If you’re ready to start having more meaningful, ongoing conversations with those around you, check out the link below! I have compiled some writing prompts to help you get started.

Resources for conversation

These are a few articles with actionable suggestions to help you stay connected.


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