Holiday Traditions & Storytelling with Kids

Holiday Traditions & Storytelling with Kids

This holiday season, I wanted to help all of us have more significant conversations as we sit around at grandma’s house or wherever you spend your warm, fuzzy moments. Making holiday traditions last far beyond the dinners and the presents. That’s where Legacy Hunt comes into the picture. One of my main purposes behind creating the Legacy Recorder was to teach our children to have conversations and relationships with their loved ones before they no longer have the opportunity. 

Legacy Hunt is an inexpensive and impactful way to do that. The Parent Guide lays everything out for you and the fill-in-the-blanks prompts make it a no-brainer. Not only is this a fun way to spend your holidays, but facilitating these moments between children and their family members opens the chance for a continuing dialogue. I hope to hear from many of you about how Legacy Hunt helped your family form deeper, more lasting connections!

To help you further

How to Write about Family Traditions

Do you know where your favorite traditions originated? It’s time to find out! Use this video as a guide to begin recording your family’s special customs.  Our roles in traditions become more clear when we have these conversations. Whether your traditions originate in culture, religion, or are just plain made up, it’s definitely a fun conversation to have that will get everyone talking.

How to Start Conversations at Family Dinners

This is a great topic to revisit around the holidays. Pass on the religion and politics; this post will have you heading into family dinners prepared for more meaningful conversations. From helpful icebreakers to keeping the conversation rolling to recording your favorite memories, Legacy Recorder will guide you through it. 

How to Write about Cooking Memories

Holidays always have us talking and thinking about food. So why not write about it too!? Many of us associate certain dishes with specific celebrations. When writing about recipes, there is always more to the story than ingredients. Let Legacy Recorder help you capture the stories behind the recipes to make them all the more meaningful and delicious.

Tips for Storytelling: How to Get Grandma to Talk

Working with someone who is reluctant to speak about themselves can be especially challenging when you’re trying to record family memories. Though sometimes there is real boundary reasons for not speaking, most of the time, we just need a little nudge in the right direction to open up. I’ve laid out a strategy to get those more reserved family members to open up.

Intergenerational Projects: How They Can Help Young & Old Participants

Gathering together for the holidays is a wonderful time to talk and learn from each other. Each generation has their own experiences to add to the conversation. When we take the time to reach across the divide of age, we gain a more complete view of the scope of life. Use our tools to facilitate these conversations between age groups. 

What is Your Favorite Holiday Memory?

Instead of making idle small talk, why not use the holidays as a way to connect to your loved one’s cherished holiday moments? This edition of #legacychat provides useful prompts for getting the most out of your family’s holiday memories.


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