Storytelling in Care Plans

Storytelling in Care Plans

Why is Storytelling Important 

From the outset, I will tell you there are a litany of reasons. I could go on and on about how important storytelling is, but I won’t. I discuss some of it here. The gist is that human dignity can be restored through engaging conversations and storytelling. Yes, this is a really big promise. I have seen it happen and know that it is possible. Volunteers, caregivers, and staff people all over the world are using the Legacy Recorder in care plans as a resource to engage in restorative conversations.

How to include storytelling in care plans

While this can be an in-depth process and take a number of years, I have drilled into a methodology and process that can speed up your implementation time without sacrificing quality. This methodology relies on the willingness of participants and facilitators alike to be open and willing to adapt.

Over the years I have helped a variety of groups and organizations implement and execute the Legacy Methodology. The activity plans and guides I have created are a culmination of those experiences along with my own expertise and knowledge.

How to get started

The first step is deciding what your goals are and what you are trying to accomplish with including storytelling in your care plans. Always keep the participant in the forefront of those intentions.

Second step is to address any logistics. Who do you need to include to execute the plan? I’ve included suggestions and recommendations based on a number of situations you may find yourself in.

Third, communicate with the people you wish to involve and determine if they are willing to help. I have found that you have a much higher chance of success if everyone involved is ready and able to help. Forcing people to do things they don’t want to do never ends well. This goes for both participants and staff/facilitators.

Resources for care plans

These are a few resources from the Legacy Recorder with actionable suggestions to help you stay connected and kick off storytelling in your care plans for 2020.

Thank you

Thank you for the work you do of caring for others! You make the world go round and little brighter with your presence!

Happy Writing
Gael, the Legacy Lady

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