how do you celebrate birthdays

How do you celebrate birthdays – Legacy After Dark

This live was all about birthdays and the traditions we use to celebrate ourselves and the people we love. This episode is unedited because it has too many fun moments 🙂

How do you celebrate birthdays?

Ah, birthdays, those fabulous days where humans of every shape, size, and background make their debut in the world. Each year brings new adventures and new ways to interact with the people they love.

Do you have birthday traditions?

  • Favorite restaurant?
  • Favorite meal?
  • Favorite getaway?

This is an article I wrote about my experiences as a #leapyear baby. It includes a few of my traditions and questions I answer all the time about being a leap year baby.

Share your birthday traditions in the comments below!

Happy Writing,

Gael, the Legacy Lady


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