When your birthday is Leap Year…

leap year baby blog

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your birthday on Leap Year? It has good and bad things that come along with it. For me, I don’t have an attachment to dates for birthdays and special holidays. I celebrate when I can and I like to think that I celebrate every day. I…

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What do Birthdays Mean to You & Leap Year

What do Birthdays Mean to You

Celebrating our birthdays means something special to each and every one of us. What do birthdays mean to you and the people care for?When you are a caregiver, birthdays can be uniquely challenging. You have to juggle all the usual party planning logistics with addressing any physical or emotional care needs of your loved one…

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Celebrating My Leap Year Birthday

Gael's Leap Year Birthday

This article will be a slight departure from what you normally see here at the Legacy Recorder. I recently asked a dear friend to help me keep things going on the writing side of things. When we were talking about what’s happening for the month, my leap year birthday inevitably came up. Her suggestion was…

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What is Leap Year Anyway and Why We Care

Tree frog on a leaf for Leap Day

This article won’t explain every nuance and historical fact of Leap Year. The reason you are reading this article at all is that Leap Day happens to be my birthday. I get asked, a lot, “What is Leap Year anyway?” Usually right after I have answered the “When is your birthday” question. What is Leap…

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How do you celebrate birthdays – Legacy After Dark

how do you celebrate birthdays

This live was all about birthdays and the traditions we use to celebrate ourselves and the people we love. This episode is unedited because it has too many fun moments 🙂 How do you celebrate birthdays? Ah, birthdays, those fabulous days where humans of every shape, size, and background make their debut in the world.…

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