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Living Creatively: How one woman lives a creative life

Every once in a while you come across a person who is living their life in an out loud beautiful creative way. When you find these people pay attention to the words they say, the actions, their acts of kindness, and how their emotions and thoughts are expressed through ART. Living creatively can mean a lot of different things to different people. For Ellen Palestrant, it means creating art in an intentional and prolific way.

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Evoke Emotion

Since discovering her art I have reveled in her ability to evoke emotion, inspire me, and encouraged me to continue creating my own art. for me, living creatively means writing daily and not just about business things. it means writing daily about fantasy worlds, dreams, and all the things I wish that were.

Beyond her art, Ellen is the author of several books and routinely speaks about creativity, color, and courage. Every time I hear her speak, I am reminded why I am creating my own art and continuing with my storytelling journey. Seeing someone finish their book, video, or story brings me so much joy.


Her hemispherical series, Our World, Our Choice, is a beautiful example of her work. It showcases her perspective of the Earth and how she envisions it could look depending on how we live our lives and care for it. More recently Ellen began creating smaller pieces of art that she calls Glimpses as they are a glimpse of her work. These pieces are each unique and no two are alike. I'm honored to have one in my home.

Falling in Love with Living Creatively

Over the past few months, I have done nothing short of fallen in love with Ellen's version of living creatively. Her dedication to expressing her creativity and offering a visual representation of how she views the world is beautiful and inspiring to me. When I see her paintings I feel as if she is telling me a story with every piece. Ellen graciously takes her work a step further and offers the story behind each piece. Her Instagram feed is full of her thoughts, inspirations, and advice on living creatively.

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I often give interactive sessions and talks related to the vast subject of creativity. One of my favorite reasons for doing so is to help others discover their own glimpses of possibility within themselves. In the spirit of my ongoing Our World, Our Choice series, I invite you to consider what possibilities you can bring to our world. I try to be aware of the fact that my choices and the possibilities they create, affect in some way, our Earth. Have you considered how your choices could affect our world? I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments. . . . #artwork #artist #mixedmedia #moodboard #fineart #supportsmallbusiness #abstractart #portrait #contemporaryart #painting #wip #phoenixartist #empoweringwomen #azartist #arizonaart #phx ##arizona #interiordesign #phoenix #azsmallbusiness #shoplocalaz #azlocal #myphx #earthday #earthishome #earthawesome

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Throughout this article you will see a few things that showcase Ellen's storytelling, artistic inclinations, and a few of my favorite pieces. I can tell you that people of all ages will find something in her artwork. As an example, every time I find a new piece I love, I share it with my children. As a result, their reactions have included feeling calmer, quiet, and at peace.

A few thoughts on creative writing

Your Turn

Before we say goodbye, is there an artist in your life who you love? Please share a link to their work in the comments below. I look forward to learning more about them! I encourage you to check out Ellen’s work and see why I fell in love with her art.

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