What do Birthdays Mean to You

What do Birthdays Mean to You & Leap Year

Celebrating our birthdays means something special to each and every one of us. What do birthdays mean to you and the people care for?When you are a caregiver, birthdays can be uniquely challenging. You have to juggle all the usual party planning logistics with addressing any physical or emotional care needs of your loved one too.

Birthdays, Leap Year, and Storytelling

As we get more interconnected, I'm finding more people over time who have the same birthday as me, which is entertaining. Some of the questions I always get are 

  • how do you celebrate? 
  • And when do you celebrate? 
  • And what did you celebrate? 

As a kid, it was one of those things where it was really it was whenever it was convenient. We tried to pick the weekend to closest open the day would have actually been and, and had a gathering or something then that seemed to work out pretty well. As an adult, when we lived in Phoenix, it was pretty easy because it was gorgeous out. We could sit outside, have a picnic. Living near Pittsburgh now, the weather is usually not great, and sitting outside isn’t an option. Celebrations look a lot different from the desert to the winter wonderland.

All about Birthdays

Birthdays have always been special occasions. You get to see your family members and friends gather together to celebrate you or the person of honor. This usually involves a combination of gifts, food, and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise). However, it can be problematic if someone does not like birthdays because they may find the festivities too loud. It can also be an issue for others who feel lonely during this time since they are surrounded by people but still feel alone as birthday wishes will only remind them that their loved ones are far away.

Asking how someone likes to celebrate their birthday can help avoid stressful moments and create better memories. You can start the conversation by simply asking “What do birthdays mean to you?”

History of Leap Year

Birthdays to me, mean leap years, missed days, frogs, green, and all the things in between. Knowing the history behind my birth date made me feel special as a kid and helped me get excited even when I didn't have a date to celebrate.


In the Gregorian calendar, every fourth year is a leap year. This occurs because it takes 365 days for Earth to complete one revolution around the sun. In reality, however, this is not always the case. Because of its elliptical orbit around our star and other factors in celestial mechanics, there are slight variations in how much time actually passes between two successive new moons.

Connecting with Family

There is nothing quite like the feeling of connection. Typically, we are so busy taking care of other people that it can be a bit difficult to connect with those who matter most – our loved ones. It's so important for all of us to take time out and just spend some real quality time together. The best way to do this is by creating an atmosphere where everyone feels safe enough to express themselves. When you're able to hear what others have on their hearts, you learn more about them and they also get the chance to know even more about you!

So, What do Birthdays Mean to You?

Are they just another day on the calendar? Do you go the extra mile to recognize a loved one's birthday? Whatever the answer is, someone you love may have a different take. The person you are caring for may feel very strongly about their birthday. Taking the time to start conversations around birthdays and what they mean to people can help avoid awkward or anxious moments down the road.