Holiday Storytelling

Documenting religious memories and moments

In December, I thought it would be fun to apply the 5-minute storytelling process to the major religious holidays and events that occur during the last month of the calendar year. The inspiration came after being asked to create Christmas prompts. I felt it was important to represent as much as I could. This is a compilation of everything I created for that series.  

I hope you have an opportunity to talk with the people you love and are able to create new memories in the moments to come. These prompts and all the others on the website may help navigate and continue the conversations you start over the course of the year. My sincerest hope is that 2020 finds you talking more and listening better than ever before.

December religious & holiday posts

5 Minute Storytelling 

When creating a legacy story, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to gain a lot of return. I like to focus on five-minute storytelling. These are pre-written, conversational scripts to share with nursing staff and those who are serving someone in care. They provide a guide and framework to write the story. It’s quick and to the point, but the rewards can be enormous.

Use these five-minute storytelling scripts to help caregivers share their memories about your parent, grandparent, or beloved aunt. Sometimes, caregivers have sides to the story that families don’t have full access to, and that can make for a robust legacy.

The 5-minute storytelling scripts are a great way to reconnect daily with the people you love and care for. Please share them with the caregiver in your life. Knowing what to say and how to say it can make all the difference in the world in someone’s day. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to this year!

What now?

Looking for that thing to help you keep your storytellers engaged and talking? For the writer's in your care, this journal will keep them talking for a good long while. Encourage them (if they can) to reach out via phone or video to family members and share the memories they write about.

This journal was designed for storytellers in their sunset years who are ready to write about and share their memories. Simple to use and elegant enough to keep around to remind you of them long after they are gone.

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